vendredi 22 mai 2009

Come back in 10 days.

I'll see you in June. Hopefully with new stories and images.

In the meantime, I'm off.

While you're reading these lines, I'm probably eating a one-pound steak or watching a musical1. Or shopping on St. Mark's Place. Or cycling through Central Park. Or flying over Manhattan in a helicopter. Or chilling in my hotel room in Chelsea. Or getting robbed in Harlem.

Or maybe I'm being held by Immigration at the airport.

Who knows what can happen in New York.

See you!

1Cheapest seats, very last row, right next to the wall. 48$. Gotta love NY.

2 commentaires:

  1. Ecouter l'article lu par WebReader, c'est à hurler de rire !
    Bon voyage !

  2. Je crois que tu as oublié qu'il est possible aussi que tu reviennes avec une certaine grippe à la mode :-)


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